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Dogs With the Shortest Lifespans

#8 Blessed Bernard

> Life expectancy: 8-10 years
> Current popularity rank: 56 out of 199
> Height: 26-30 inches
> Weight: 120-130 pounds

The Saint Bernard is an iconic big dog known for its docile nature and potential as a “nanny dog” for kids. The Saint Bernard is well-known as a rescue dog and was named after a monk who helped pilgrims cross the Alps on their way to Rome.

#7 Bernese mountain dog

> Life expectancy: 7-10 years
> Current popularity rank: 22 out of 199
> Height: 23-28 inches
> Weight: 70-115 pounds

Switzerland is the birthplace of the Bernese mountain dog. It was put to work pulling carts laden with farm goods and herding cattle. The Bernese was bred for such labor because of its powerful build; the breed is capable of pulling loads weighing more than a thousand pounds.

#6 Great Dane

> Life expectancy: 7-10 years
> Current popularity rank: 19 out of 199
> Height: 28-32 inches
> Weight: 110-175 pounds

While being bred in England and Germany, the great Dane’s long ears were frequently shredded by the sharp tusks of wild boar, leading to the breed’s name. These days, Great Danes can make wonderful pets because of how safe their lives have become. In short, you can count on them to be reliable, accommodating, and pleasant. However, they are indeed massive, as their name suggests. When a great Dane is standing on its hind legs, it can tower over its owner.

#5 This is a Neapolitan Mastiff

> Life expectancy: 7-9 years
> Current popularity rank: 119 out of 199
> Height: 24-31 inches
> Weight: 110-150 pounds

The mastino, or Neapolitan mastiff, has been in existence since Roman times. It is believed that this breed of dog was first developed around 700 B.C. Notable characteristics of the breed include its enormous, drooping wrinkles and folds of flabby skin.

#4 Bullmastiff

> Life expectancy: 7-9 years
> Current popularity rank: 61 out of 199
> Height: 24-27 inches
> Weight: 100-130 pounds

The bullmastiff is a mix between a bulldog and a mastiff, as the name might imply. Its original purpose in life was to keep poachers out of game reserves and sprawling estates in the countryside. It weighs up to 130 pounds and is big, strong, and scary-looking. It’s important to take your time when training a bullmastiff.

#3 Mastiff

> Life expectancy: 6-10 years
> Current popularity rank: 37 out of 199
> Height: 28-30 inches
> Weight: 120-230 pounds

Despite their massive appearance, mastiffs are generally pleasant and obedient companions. The mastiff, with an average weight of 160 pounds, is the heaviest breed of dog.

#2 The Irish Wolfhound

> Life expectancy: 6-8 years
> Current popularity rank: 89 out of 199
> Height: 30-32 inches
> Weight: 105-120 pounds

Large and powerful, the Irish wolfhound is an impressive sight. Irish wolfhounds, despite their intimidating appearance, are reportedly quiet and friendly pets.

#1 the Bordeaux Dogue

> Life expectancy: 5-8 years
> Current popularity rank: 78 out of 199
> Height: 23-27 inches
> Weight: 100-110 pounds

Dogue is the French word for “mastiff,” and the breed fits the description perfectly. It is not vicious, but it does not get along well with other canines. In 1989, Tom Hanks starred as Hooch, a dogue de Bordeaux that wasn’t officially recognized by the AKC until 2008.

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