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10 Really Hard Things To Explain to Women, According to Men

Men frequently need time to be without help from anyone else to re-energize, reflect, and de-pressurize, which can be difficult for ladies to comprehend.

Men's need for alone time

Men feel a ton of strain to be the provider and accommodate their families, which can be unpleasant and challenging to make sense of.

The pressure to provide

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Emotional vulnerability

Men are frequently educated to stifle their feelings, so communicating weakness can be troublesome and awkward.


People can have alternate points of view on issues, and in some cases it's difficult for men to clarify their perspective for ladies.

The male perspective

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Sexual desires

Men can have a humiliated or embarrassed outlook on their sexual longings and find it trying to impart them to their accomplices.

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Physical appearance

Men can have a hesitant outlook on their bodies and appearance, very much like ladies do, yet it's not generally simple for them to communicate this.


A few men might have a feeling of dread toward responsibility, which can be difficult to clear up for ladies who are searching for a committed relationship.

Fear of commitment

People can impart in an unexpected way, which can prompt mistaken assumptions and troubles in accounting for themselves.

Differences in communication style

Men can battle with their feeling of character and manliness, particularly in the present changing social scene.

Masculinity and identity

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The pressure to conform

Men can feel strain to adjust to cultural assumptions for being a man, which can be difficult to clear up for ladies who don't confront a similar tension.