10 Red Flags to Watch Out for on a First Date

If your date is more interested in their phone than getting to know you, it could be a sign of disinterest or lack of manners.

Constantly Checking Phone

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Rude Behavior

Whether it's towards you, the server, or someone else, rudeness is never acceptable and could be a red flag for future interactions.

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Talking About Their Ex

Bringing up an ex on a first date can signal emotional baggage and indicate that they may not be ready to move on.


Offensive or disrespectful comments should never be tolerated, and can be a warning sign of deeper issues.

Inappropriate Comments

If your date is evasive or unwilling to answer personal questions, it may indicate a lack of trust or openness.

Avoiding Personal Questions

Consuming large amounts of alcohol on a first date can be a red flag for substance abuse issues or lack of self-control.

Excessive Drinking

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Overly Aggressive Behavior

Pushy or aggressive behavior can be intimidating and may be indicative of controlling tendencies.

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Share your goals

Share your career goals, travel aspirations, or personal ambitions to show your date that you have direction and purpose in life.


Show that you are interested in what your date has to say by actively listening and asking follow-up questions.

Practice active listening 

Remember that silence is not always a bad thing. Allow yourselves to enjoy a quiet moment together without feeling the need to fill the void.

Embrace the silence