11 Actionable Ways to Show a Man You Love Him

Men's minds developed to zero in on each thing in turn; checking your telephone during supper can cause them to feel irrelevant. Center around him to show love.

Put your phone down

Improve your game by dressing up on occasion. Men are sensitive to visual cues. Wear a gorgeous dress to show him how much you want him. Athleisure is comfortable but not seductive.

Dress up

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"Best way to a man's heart: know his food likes. Shows how well you know him. Couples who know small details have happiest marriages.


Make him his favorite meal

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Self-care shows love to your partner too, by preventing the pain of losing someone. Exercise, eat well, reduce stress for a happy, healthy life together.


Take care of yourself

Suggest giving your husband some downtime with his friends or solo to relax, recharge, and avoid communication issues. It benefits you both!

Encourage him to make time for himself

"Show love with genuine compliments. Thank him for small tasks, admire his efforts, and notice when he looks great. He'll appreciate it too!"

Compliment him

Letting your partner choose your activities together shows teamwork and equality in the relationship.

Let him choose the movie

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Acknowledge when your husband does something helpful without being asked. A simple "thank you" can go a long way. - Carin Goldstein, LMFT.


Thank him for the little things

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Hug for 7+ seconds in the morning to connect emotionally; women connect verbally, men through touch. You'll both love it!


Give him a seven-second hug

Frame your latest couple selfie on your nightstand/coffee table to show your commitment and relive happy memories. A fun way to keep your love alive!

Frame a current photo