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4 Signs That a Person Is Not Listening

It's disappointing to feel ignored in a conversation. Even if the person nods their head, it's possible they aren't really listening.

Eyes that move around show that someone isn't paying attention. If the environment is distracting, gently change the subject.

They lack eye contact

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They fidget with their hands

By looking hands, you can tell if they are interested in what you are saying. Fidgeting, intertwining fingers, or drumming fingers could be signs of distraction or anxiety.

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ADHD people may fidget to help them pay attention. Research shows that physical activity helps with memory, focus, and solving problems. Don't judge.


Body position in a conversation shows, Body language, direction, and mirroring that are in sync show that someone is interested.

They're turned away from you

A gut feeling tells you when someone isn't paying attention. People can tell when someone is paying attention to them, and it makes them feel bad when they don't feel heard.

Their vibe is off

If you feel like someone's energy is off when you're out on a date, with friends, or with your partner, trust your gut. The way they move says a lot about them.