Wild-Looking Cats: 7 Breeds to Choose from

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With their marbled bodies and rosettes, Bengal cats look like small leopards. They are smart, active, love attention, and like to swim in water.

1. The Bengal

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   2. The Savannah

Savannah cats are a cross between a regular house cat and an African Serval. They are loyal, friendly, and playful, and they look like wild cats with their spotted fur and big ears.


Brushing your cat's fur is important for their health and happiness because it improves blood flow and skin health. However, some cats may need to be trained to like it.

3.The Abyssinian

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4. The Bombay

Bombay cats are like mini panthers with an elegant coat & sociable nature. Playful, intelligent, good with other animals & suitable for families.


American Bobtails look like wild cats because they have short tails and big eyes. They are friendly and playful, and they do well in new places and with dogs. It lives for 11–15 years and weighs 8–13 pounds.

5.The American Bobtail

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6.The Toyger

American Bobtails are wild-looking cats with short tails, tufted ears and powerful bodies.  They're loving, adaptable and get along with dogs.


The Egyptian Mau is a rare pet cat that comes from Egypt. It looks like a leopard because it has spots, is athletic, kind, loyal, and loves attention. Its coat is different colours and has different spots, and it can live for 13–16 years.

7. The Egyptian Mau

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