7 Natural Ways to Improve the Smell of Your Dog 

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Regularly brushing your pet's coat with a fine bristle brush helps get rid of tangles, dander, and other debris. It increases blood flow and skin health and gets rid of bad smells.

1. Regular Brushing

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2. Bathing

Choose a shampoo for your dog that is made from natural ingredients and has no colours or scents. It cleans, deodorises & moisturises. There are several brands.


By brushing their teeth with dog toothpaste, you can stop their foul breath. Start young and stay away from toothpaste with Xylitol to keep your teeth healthy.

3. Brush their Teeth

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4.Clean their Ears

Dogs with ear infections or ears that hang down might smell awful, so taking care of their ears is important.  There are natural ways to clean your ears.


Regularly wash your pet's bedding to avoid odour transfer and improve their odour.

5. Wash Bedding

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6. Rinse Your Pet

Rinse your pet with a hose after a hike to get rid of ticks and bugs and prevent skin problems. Wet mud is easier to clean up and prevents pet odours from getting into your home.


To get rid of pet scents, use baking soda. Sprinkle on pet's coat or bedding for 30 minutes, then vacuum. To decrease scents, place an open box in smelly locations.

7. Baking Soda

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