8 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Every Night

Salad greens are wealthy in potassium, which can assist with lessening the impacts of sodium on your circulatory strain.

Eat Dinner, Not Snacks

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Eat on the Early Side

Eat dinner early to burn 10% more fat and reduce blood sugar peaks by 20%. Finish dinner 2-3 hours before bed to allow for digestion.

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Downsize Your Dinner

Swap big dinner for big breakfast, burn more calories. Fill half plate with veggies for generous portions and fewer calories at dinner.


Focus on dinner by eliminating distractions like TV or phone. Mindful eating helps weight loss, eat slow and for 20 mins without distractions.

Sit at the Table — and Don’t Look at a Screen

Plan breakfast ahead for healthy choices. Aim for 10-15g protein to control blood sugar & resist mid-morning snacking urge.

Plan a Protein-Packed Breakfast

Less sleep, more weight: those who slept 6hrs or less lost less weight compared to those sleeping 7-9hrs, due to increased hunger hormones.

Set a Bedtime and Stick to It

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Skip the Late-Night Scrolling

Social media harms body image for women & girls. Limit time & unfollow negative accounts to avoid feeling bad.


Replace social media time with stress-busting activities like yoga, meditation, nature, music or movies to aid weight loss by reducing stress hormones.

Make Time for a Stress-Buster