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Adorable Anime And Manga About Pets

This endearing anime and manga series follows the undertakings of a charming cat named Chi, who is embraced by a family and finds out about her general surroundings.

Chi's Sweet Home

This dearest exemplary from Studio Ghibli highlights a monster, shaggy woods soul named Totoro, who gets to know two youthful sisters and their loved ones.

My Neighbor Totoro

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Fruits Basket

While not rigorously about pets, this anime and manga series includes a gathering of characters who can change into creatures of the zodiac when embraced by a person of the contrary orientation.


This activity pressed anime and manga series follows a bunch of canines as they set out on a risky excursion to overcome a gathering of malicious bears.

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

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A Silent Voice

This sincerely strong anime and manga manages topics of harassing and recovery, and elements a scene-taking supporting person as an adorable, steadfast Shiba Inu named Pochi.

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This popular anime and manga series features a half-demon dog as one of its main characters, and explores themes of love, loss, and redemption in a fantastical feudal Japan.


 This enchanting anime and manga series follows the regular routines of a gathering of creature companions, including a polar bear who runs a bistro and a penguin who fills in as a barista.

Shirokuma Cafe

This classic anime and manga series is all about a cute and curious hamster named Hamtaro, who embarks on adventures with his hamster friends.


This exceptional anime and manga series happens in reality as we know it where creatures have become human "Companions" and go on undertakings together.

Kemono Friends

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Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

This entertaining anime and manga series is about a round, feathery feline named Poyo, who gets into a wide range of senseless circumstances with his loved ones.