Beware of These 4 Zodiac Signs' Greatest Liars 

Tell the truth; when was the last time you lied to someone? I'll bet on my horoscope knowledge! If you think you can guess the zodiac's best liars, you're wrong.  

If one lies, they must be good at deception. If you're going to get caught lying, why bother?

Since deception, like most other personality traits, is based on the stars, some of us (like me, a Cancer who giggles mid-lie) are terrible at it. Mars and Mercury in a person's natal chart may reveal their defensiveness and communication skills 

Are you straightforward and honest like a Virgo but kind and trustworthy like a Pisces? You might be one of the best liars in the world if you're a little more...naughty.


Scorpios are good liars because they have a dark side (Read: the spooky and the occult). Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, who was named after Hades. If she hasn't come out of the "broom closet, 


Libras lie well because they like resolving conflicts. Libras, cardinal air signs, keep friendships and conversations light. Libras keep everyone calm even if it drives them crazy. Libras lie to please.


Don't be afraid of their otherness: Aquarians are hard to trick. If you've ever made eye contact with someone at a bar or party and couldn't read their vibe, they were an Aquarius.  


Caps lie well because they prioritize getting things done. Capricorns will lie to finish quickly. They're cardinal earth signs like Libras. Capricorn leaders can stay grounded in tough times (like our extraterrestrial Aquarians)