Cats breeds for Home Protection

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"Need a child's playmate and protector? Manx cat! They love playing fetch and attacking strangers. "Watch cats" are alert and vocal."


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Turkish Angora

This cat breed is affectionate towards family members but chooses one person to protect.  Thus, if the cat prefers you, he will always protect you.


They're among the cat breeds that act like dogs because they're playful and love kids.  They are very protective and won't let you go once they bond with humans.


Multiple Blue Rings


She can be trained to be a guard cat, but her natural protectiveness would only be enhanced.  Guard cats were Siamese because they love height and jump well. Hills Pet claims they're the King of Siam's temple cats.


Maine Coons are loyal and protective of their humans as well as their kittens.  They make great guard cats because they can hear and smell danger before their owners do.

Maine Coon