Common Reasons for Dog Barking

Dogs bark for a lot of different reasons, and some breeds are made to do so. If you know why your dog barks, you may be able to stop it.


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Dogs bark to protect their house and family when they sense danger. Training can sharpen this instinct and assist protect the home and family.


Anxious barking is a way for dogs to calm themselves. It is often loud and accompanied by whimpering. Common in worry of being alone.


When playing with people or other dogs, or when waiting for a walk or trip in the car, puppies bark in a joyful, frequently happy way.


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Responding to Other Dogs

When one dog barks, others do too, making a chaotic chorus. The same as Row Your Boat, but not as nice.


Barking is a sad symptom that a dog is lonely or has too much energy. Doing things and having friends can help.