Cool Facts About Each Month's Birthstone

For thousands of years, garnets have been a prized gemstone. Pharaohs of Egypt valued garnets, wore them frequently, and were buried with garnets in their tombs.

January - Garnet

Multiple Blue Rings

February - Amethyst

Greek myth: Amethyst keeps wearer clear-minded in business & battle. Renaissance belief: It soothes passionate lovers

Multiple Blue Rings

March - Aquamarine

Eleanor Roosevelt got a 1298-carat aquamarine gift from Brazil in 1936. It's on display at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library.


"adamas" in Greek meaning unbreakable. Strong & quintessential for engagement rings, symbolizing enduring love & commitment.

April - Diamond

Emeralds treasured for millennia worldwide, believed to hold magical powers, including seeing the future by placing under the tongue.

May - Emerald

Multiple Blue Rings

June - Pearl

Pearls mystified owners for ages. Middle Easterners saw them as heaven's tears, while Chinese believed they came from a dragon's brain.

Multiple Blue Rings

July - Ruby

Indian jewelry prizes rubies as symbols of youth and power. Known as the "king of precious stones," rubies are second only to diamonds in hardness.

Multiple Blue Rings

August - Perido

While peridot may be found in many nations across the world, including Myanmar, Pakistan, and Vietnam, part of it comes to Earth via meteorites.


Diana's 12-carat blue sapphire engagement ring, later inherited by Kate Middleton, is an iconic gem of modern history.

September - Sapphire

For many years, Europeans regarded the opal as a symbol of truth and purity. Australia supplies a large portion of the world's opal.

October - Opal

Topaz was once solely mined in Brazil for centuries, but now it can be found in several African nations, Mexico, Myanmar, and the US.

November - Topaz

Turquoise valued by indigenous Americans; Apache saw it at the end of rainbows, Hopi believed lizards produced it.

December - Turquoise