Multiple Blue Rings

Decorate Your Home with Your Dog's Crate! 

Dog crate furniture combines style and function, giving you a fun and stylish way to use your dog's crate as part of your home decor.

2 colours, 3 sizes, side & double doors, 3 locking latches, open grillwork, dog bed for safe, attractive living.

unipaws Furniture Style Dog Crate End Table

Multiple Blue Rings

New Age Pet ecoFlex Pet Crate End Table

 2 doors, 3 locking latches, fantastic ventilation, and a dog bed. 3 sizes.

Multiple Blue Rings

Frisco “Venice” Dog Crate Credenza & Mat Kit

Frisco's "Venice" Crate Credenza for small-medium dogs <40lbs is attractive. It holds 100lbs and has two crate mats.


Fable Pets' attractive side table crate fits dogs up to 50lbs. Modern bending wood with open vents and optional gate.

Fable Pets Crate

 steel frame, and metal wire dog crate is robust. Front/side door, wire floor, and easy-to-clean pan. 4-sizes.

Feandrea Dog Crate

The WLOWood Gabled Modern Dog Cage gives your large dog an attractive home. Bed cover and name panel customizable.

Gabled Modern Dog Crate