Exploring America Through the Eyes of Your Zodiac Sign

Take a hike through the Grand Canyon, try your hand at paragliding in Las Vegas, or travel to New York and discover its thriving culture.


You can get some rest and relaxation on the beaches of Hawaii, luxuriate in the wine country of Napa Valley, or discover the historic streets of Charleston.


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Discover the pulsating neighborhoods of Miami, embark on an adventure along Route 66, or go to San Francisco, the center of the technology industry.


Have fun taking in the breathtaking scenery at Yellowstone National Park, traveling through the picturesque villages of New England, or unwinding on the sandy beaches of California.


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Explore the music scene in Nashville, go to the casinos in Atlantic City, and take in all the glitz and splendor that Los Angeles has to offer.

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Hike the trails of Colorado, visit the institutions in Washington, District of Columbia, or indulge in the culinary scene in Portland.


Explore the one-of-a-kind culture of New Orleans, unwind at one of Palm Springs's opulent accommodations, and spend some quality time with your significant other in Savannah.


Explore the haunted streets of Salem, Texas, the historic Alamo in San Antonio, or the exciting entertainment of Miami, Florida, by going on one of these tours.


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Visit Yosemite National Park to take in its breathtaking scenery, go snowboarding in Aspen, or spend some time lounging on the beaches of Florida.

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Visit the national parks of Utah, take a walking trip through the historic district of Philadelphia, or go sightseeing in New York City's most famous landmarks.


Travel to the eccentric metropolis of Austin, investigate the art scene in Santa Fe, and enjoy the culinary scene in Portland while you're there.


Spend some time unwinding on the beaches of Hawaii, taking in the breathtaking scenery of Alaska, or attending a spiritual vacation in Sedona.