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Female Cartoons: Inspiring Role Models

The family stays together because of Elastigirl. She can fly a jet, beat up bad guys, and teach her children to use their skills for good. She is the kind of mom we all wish we had or could be.

Helen Parr

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Nani Pelekai

Nani is Lilo's caring, sarcastic, and selfless older sister. She was forced to be a single mom without being angry about it. She will always love Lilo, no matter what she does.

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In "Avatar: The Last Airbender," Katara is the group's mom. She is smart and looks out for everyone. Even though she lost her mother when she was young, she is honest, kind, and well put together


Kim Possible is a 14-year-old crime fighter with a lot of confidence and many skills. She gets straight A's in school and is the head cheerleader. The police don't mind that she works undercove

Kim Possible

The Powerpuff Girls show that little girls can be tough and badass. Blossom is a leader, Buttercup fights dirty, and Bubbles is kind but strong. They show us that there are different ways to be feminine

The Powerpuff Girls

Mulan was brave, kind, and selfless. She saved China and broke rules to protect her dad. She beat the Huns with her wits and speed, and she did it all while being super cool.


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Daria is a smart and snarky girl who would rather be different than fit in. We love her because she is loyal, smart, and not afraid to be herself.

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In "Avatar: The Last Airbender," Suki is in charge of the Kyoshi Warriors. She is confident, honest, and faithful. After putting Sokka down, he says sorry and says he wants to learn from her.

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Velma is the most logical person in the Mystery Gang. She thinks that everything has a logical answer. She doesn't like to waste time, she knows Morse Code and martial arts, and she's surprisingly active.


Tiana is the most realistic Disney princess because she is determined to carry on her father's tradition. She won't think twice about telling a spoiled prince where he stands.


Megara is quick-witted and used to being played, which makes her sarcastic. She knows how to take care of herself and doesn't need help. She raises the bar for herself and is the queen of snark.


Anna from "Frozen" is a loving, loyal, and quick-to-grow-up sister who is always ready to do the right thing. She is really fit to be a queen.


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