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Goofiest Dog Breeds That Are Natural Entertainers

Known for their delicate and friendly nature, these lap canines are perfect for families and seniors.Carefree and lively, boxer are known for their senseless tricks and clownish way of behaving.


With their wrinkly countenances and thickset legs, Bulldogs have a humorous appearance and a beguiling character.


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Well known for their spots and cordial character, Dalmatians are lively and enthusiastic canines.


Tender and steadfast, Brilliant Retrievers have a ridiculous side that makes them incredible family pets.

Golden Retriever

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Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever are  Intelligent and friendly, Labs love to play and have a good time, making them a popular breed.

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Pug these little canines are enthusiastic about character, with their wrinkly appearances and lively attitude


Known for their long, streaming hair and amicable characters, Shih Tzus are fun loving and engaging sidekicks.

Shih Tzu

 In spite of their enormous size, Bernese Mountain Canines have a delicate nature and a ridiculous streak.

Bernese Mountain Canine

With their bat-like ears and amusing articulations, French Bulldogs make certain to make you grin.

French Bulldog

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These inquisitive and exuberant canines have an ability for getting into wickedness, making them engaging buddies.