A horoscope is a way to look into the future based on how the stars, planets, and zodiac signs are lined up.

Expect higher energy & stamina but beware of migraines, eye issues & heart/blood pressure issues. Monitor eating & sleeping habits for better health.

Aries — Fire Sign

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Taurus  — Earth

This month, get more sleep, stretch, and rest to avoid getting hurt. Be careful if you try to work out too quickly after the 14th.

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Gemini  — Air

Self-medication can be dangerous, so if you want to avoid the flu this season, focus on building up your immune system. People who get sick often can expect to feel better quickly this month.


Slow down and go for a walk in the morning to get rid of stress and stay healthy. Regular exercise can help you feel less anxious and keep you from getting the flu or having stomach problems.

Cancer  — Water

Keep a healthy diet to avoid problems with digestion and blood flow. Take care in the last days to avoid back, chest, and head problems. Watch out for accidents between people walking and people moving.

Leo — Fire

Rest to refuel and avoid worry. In second half of month, watch spouse's health and drive/walk carefully to avoid small accidents.

Virgo  — Earth

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Libra  — Air

Take breaks often and be aware of things that might cause you stress. Think about getting acupuncture or a massage to relieve stress and keep your muscles from hurting.

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Scorpio  — Water

This month, make self-care a priority. Be aware of possible health problems, and people with heart or stomach problems should get better quickly.

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Sagittarius — Fire

Take a break and think about how you feel. Take care to avoid problems with your eyes or chest. Get some exercise to improve your energy and relieve stress.


Make eating clean and healthy a top priority and set new exercise goals to push yourself. Have better health and more energy!

Capricorn  — Earth

Stress levels may go up, which can lead to headaches and problems with the eyes. The health of children needs more care and attention. Try not to eat out and switch to healthy food instead.

Aquarius — Air

Change your habits to improve your health. Take extra care with seasonal flu, heart problems, and blood-related problems. Take a midday walk or work out to get more oxygen to your brain and lower stress.

Pisces  — Water