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Indicators You’re an Extroverted Introvert

Extroverted introverts are great at listening, asking questions, and giving people a chance to talk.

You’re a great listener

Extroverted introverts like to watch other people because they are interested in how people act and think.

You like to observe 

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You crave deep connections

Extroverted introverts value people and connections with other people, but they also need time alone.

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Extroverted introverts are great at reading people, picking up on subtle cues, and understanding how people act


You’re good at reading people

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You’re a natural communicator


Extroverted introverts are great at talking to people, giving advice, and helping them. They may take a moment to find the right words

Extroverted introverts are charismatic, good at making friends, and bring people together because they want to connect with others so much.

You can be charismatic

Extroverted introverts seem friendly because they are interested in other people, but they are actually shy and need time to open up.

You’re warm but private

Extroverted introverts are best at networking when they meet one-on-one over coffee or drinks instead of going to big events where they don't know anyone.

You’re good at networking

"Extroverted introverts plan social events when they need to re-charge and get a boost of energy. They put happiness and satisfaction first."

You plan get-togethers

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