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Love vs Lust: Differentiating Factors

Love is about giving, not getting, and putting the needs of others before your own. Lust is based on taking and only cares about one's own pleasure

Love = Selfless, Lust = Selfish.

Love is based on a strong commitment and a lot of patience. Lust is fueled by a quick physical attraction that makes it hard to wait.

"Love = Patient + Kind, Lust = Impatient + Demanding"

Love makes you happy, and lust makes you want to do things. The first one feels like a warm bath, and the second one feels like a hot shower

"Love = Happiness, Lust = Excitement"

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Character, not looks or money, is what matters in love. Lust wants to meet physical or social norms.


"Love accepts, lust judges"

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Love is kind, respectful, and emotional, but lust is aggressive, passionate, and has nothing to do with feelings.


"Love gentle, lust harsh"

Love is serious and lasts a long time, but lust is fleeting and not serious. For a relationship to be healthy

"Love = Committed, Lust = Fleeting"

Love is stronger and lasts longer than lust, which is fueled by physical attraction and harder to keep up.

"Love grows, lust fades."