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Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Work

Change how you think about long-distance love. Focus on opportunities, not difficulties.

Avoid thinking long-distance relationships are hard

In long-distance relationships, it's important to talk to each other. Find a balance by staying close to your partner without being too much for them

Communicate openly and honestly

Plan for the future of your long-distance relationship: talk about what you want, where you might move

Have a plan for the future

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Set up online date nights by agreeing to do things like watch a movie or play a game


Make time for virtual date nights

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Tech has made it easier to stay in touch with people far away. No more expensive phone calls or snail mail—now you can stay in touch


Make the most of technology

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Always have your next trip booked


Before you say goodbye to your partner, set a date for your next visit. Having a plan for getting back

Gifts can make a long-distance relationship better, and they don't have to be expensive to be thoughtful

Send each other little gifts and surprises

Avoid communication rut. Mix it up! Send letters, voice notes, or photos to keep things interesting. Bring new life into your relationship.

Mix up your medium of communication

Share what you do every day to get to know each other better. Talk about your day, send funny stories, and pictures. 

Share stories from everyday life