A horoscope is a way to look into the future based on how the stars, planets, and zodiac signs are lined up.

Today, you're lucky! Projects are moving forward, important people are there, and you can say what you think. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts; they might work out.

Aries — Fire Sign

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Taurus  — Earth

You have the instinct to take on any job and the drive to see it through. Use your aggressive energy today to make a great conquest.

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Gemini  — Air

Today is a great day. Do what needs to be done, and then go out and have fun with friends. Feel more sure of yourself and enjoy the benefits.


Slow down and take care of yourself before listening to unhappily. Most appreciate your aid, but today's may take unfair advantage. 

Cancer  — Water

Use your anger to make things better. You know what needs to be done and have the grounded, realistic mind to do it. Your manly side is eager to get started.

Leo — Fire

You've got what it takes to be in charge. Take charge of jobs right now and act like a leader, and you'll get help. When you wake up in the morning, you should feel great.

Virgo  — Earth

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Libra  — Air

I'm bored, antsy, and annoyed. We have to do our jobs, but we'd rather work on other projects. Trying not to take out your anger on other people and reminding yourself.

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Scorpio  — Water

In the morning, take care of yourself. In the afternoon, take time to think and relax. You can use what you know about yourself to make a plan for the future.

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Sagittarius — Fire

Today, your wit and smarts will shine, especially in groups. People will like your thoughts and know that you know what you're talking about.


You and your partner talk about how to pay for a big buy. You think about loans and investments as ways to improve your finances and quality of life.

Capricorn  — Earth

For psychic-level intuition, you can analyse thoughts and motives, tell the future from the news, and gain understanding from dream symbols.

Aquarius — Air

Things with money are unclear, so they can't plan for the near future and are only half-expecting money. Keep busy, you can't rush it, and worrying won't help.

Pisces  — Water