Negative Traits of each zodiac sign

Aries people can be impetuous, hot-tempered, and self-centered. They may act rashly and prioritise their own demands over those of others. They can also be impatient and quickly frustrated.

Aries — Fire

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Taurus  — Earth

Refuses to change their minds or habits, is too devoted to material belongings, and is prone to lethargy and excess.

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Gemini  — Air

They are superficial in their relationships, untrustworthy in their promises, and may be deceptive or inconsistent in their communication.


Emotionally unstable and reactive; mood swings can interfere with relationships; inclination to retreat or become too attached.

Cancer  — Water

Arrogant, attention-seeking, and stubborn, Leo may be bossy or self-centered, and he might be sensitive to criticism or rejection.

Leo — Fire

Virgos are perfectionists who are harsh on themselves and others. They may get too concerned with minutiae and nitpick little issues. They can be critical and severe in their criticism.

Virgo  — Earth

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Libra  — Air

Libras might be indecisive and avoid confrontation in favor of their own interests. They may also be shallow and people-pleasing in order to keep their relationships harmonious.

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Scorpio  — Water

Scorpio is possessive and jealous, may harbor grudges or seek vengeance, and may be secretive or manipulative in relationships.

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Sagittarius — Fire

Impulsive and reckless, may struggle to commit or follow through, and can be direct or tactless in communication.


Cold and aloof, excessively concerned with work or achievement, may struggle to communicate feelings or connect with others.

Capricorn  — Earth

Aquarius is aloof and disconnected, preferring cerebral activities over emotional ones, and can be emotionally unavailable or unpredictable.

Aquarius — Air

Pisces people might be extremely emotional or sensitive, having difficulty setting limits and expressing themselves. They may be prone to escapist or addictive behaviors as well.

Pisces  — Water