Romantic signs are listed from greatest to least in the zodiac


Taurus is the zodiac sign that is most lovable. This grounded earth sign makes a good, enduring friend and is a solid partner to have at your side. It is autonomous, alluring, committed, and romantic all at once.


According to Co-Star, Pisces is an extremely passionate sign with no limitations and a beautiful fantasy life. Even if they could be sensitive and insecure in their relationships, no other sign will go to such lengths to ensure that their connections run well.


Moon-ruled Cancers are highly sensitive and emotional individuals who are prone to falling in love (via Like their ruling planet, Cancers are endearing people with kind hearts. This effective combination gives the object of their affection a lasting sense of value and care.


Both in their personal life and in their sexual relationships, Leos are regarded as the theatrical kings and queens of the zodiac calendar. Even though they may occasionally suffer with fragility and a fragile ego, when they fall in love, they frequently make their feelings known clearly and loudly.


Dating a Gemini is a fun experience. These fearless social butterflies love to have fun with their pals and are always looking for new adventures. For Geminis, some date ideas include a surprise road trip, skydiving, camping out for concert tickets, or going to the pub for trivia night.


The sign of Libra is connected to the seventh house, often known as the partnership house (via Astrograph). This makes this amiable, wise, and peace-loving air sign a very thoughtful buddy.


To date an Aries is like going on the best, most exhilarating roller coaster you've ever been on. Even the low points are interesting since everything moves swiftly and there are lots of twists and turns. 


Although they are not unromantic, Capricorns do not value intense, sentimental relationships very highly. Capricorns enjoy spending their free time creating plans for the future because they are logical, sensible, and hardworking (via Astrology Zone).


Scorpios are seen as mysterious, intense, and sensual individuals who are fixated on passionate intimacy and the macabre. This adage may be true, but Scorpios are more nuanced people than their fierce allure suggests. According to the Huffington Post, Scorpios are difficult to understand.