Multiple Blue Rings

South American Leaffish Species Profile

The South American Leaffish is rare, expensive, and hard to get. It looks like a dead tree leaf and is shaped like one. Great thing to have in schools and aquariums to get people talking.

The South American Leaffish lives in the Amazon River region. It hides in shallow water among plants and strikes prey that doesn't see it coming.

Origin and Distribution

Multiple Blue Rings

Colors and Markings

The South American Leaffish has sharp edges and lines that seem like veins, making it look like a dead leaf. It is small, oval, and has a big opening.

Multiple Blue Rings

The South American Leaffish is quite good at hiding, and you can't see it unless it moves. It may also change hues so that it fits along with its surroundings.


The leaffish is a sneaky hunter that can eat as much as its own weight in live fish per day. Keep it by itself or with fish that are bigger and stronger, such the Armored Catfish.


Leaffish Habitat and Care

South American Leaffish need soft, quiet water, dim light, and hiding spots. Plants assist. Driftwood and big-leafed plants cover.

During spawning, the females get fat, and the males' fins get bigger. There are some small distinctions between men and women.

Gender Differences

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