Stop Believing These Lies About Love and Relationships

Healthy relationships include arguments. Listening and resolving conflicts can strengthen your bond. Emotions can be expressed and disagreements resolved.

Having Arguments Is Bad

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Perfect Relationships Exist

No relationship is perfect. Disagreements and misunderstandings are normal. Work, patience, and understanding are necessary for a healthy relationship.

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Love Lasts Forever

Love evolves with time. Passionate relationships become comfortable. It doesn't fade, just changes into something new.


Physical attraction is insufficient for lasting relationships. Emotional connection, shared values/interests, and teamwork are crucial for bonding.

Physical Attraction Is More Important Than Anything Else

"Be happy with yourself before a relationship. A partner should enhance, not complete, your life."

The Right Person Will Make You Complete

Love at first sight is rare. People mistake attraction for love which fades. True love takes time to build.

Love, At First Sight, Is Real

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You Have to Forgive Each Other

Forgiveness ≠ acceptance. You can forgive but still end a relationship. Do what's best for you.

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Opposites Attract

Opposites attract but shared interests/values are crucial for a thriving relationship. Too many differences can lead to conflict and end the bond.


Love isn't enough for a healthy relationship. Respect, trust, communication & compromise are essential. Without them, love can't sustain it.

Love Is All You Need

Strong connections don't guarantee easy relationships. Challenges, disagreements, and tough conversations can strengthen the bond if worked through together.

Relationships Are Supposed to Feel Easy