The best pet for you based on your zodiac sign

You'll need a pet that can keep up with your high energy levels as an Aries. You're probably like a ferret when it comes to sitting still!

Aries - Ferret

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Taurus - Hamster

Taureans are laid-back and enjoy love, so a low-maintenance hamster is a good pet option for them.

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Gemini - Parrot

The parrot is a natural ally for chatty Geminis in the animal kingdom. Birds like the African Grey can keep a Gemini entertained all day.


Cancers can be a little spiky at times, but they also want to nurture. A rescued hedgehog in need of some TLC could be the perfect Cancer companion.

Cancer - Hedgehog

adorably loud Leos, like chickens, do not like to blend into the background! A pet chicken can rival even the most attention-seeking Leo in terms of clucking and fussing.

Leo - Chicken

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Virgo - Greyhound

"Virgos and these dogs both thrive on routine and structure. With low shedding, they won't disrupt Virgo's tidy lifestyle."

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Libra - Rabbit

Balanced Libras enjoy being surrounded by beauty, but they also enjoy giving and receiving affection. A charming, cuddly rabbit might be the perfect pet.

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Scorpio - Snake

A pet snake is not for the faint of heart, but Scorpios are rarely scared. A snake's mysterious, even disturbing, appeal may appeal to a fiery Scorpio.


Sagittarians are adventurers at heart, and a horse could be the perfect companion for them.

Sagittarius - Horse

Capricorns should also consider quiet, gentle bunnies. They, like Capricorns, are contemplative creatures who get wiser with age.

Capricorn - Rabbit

Aquarians have a unique personality and a liking of thinking space. A lizard is a good choice for a unique pet that will not pester you for attention.

Aquarius - Lizard

Pisceans, as a water sign, have a natural fondness for fish. Both are intuitive and instinctual, preferring to follow their intuition and go with the flow.

Pisces - Fish