The Best Salty Snacks To Eat And Still Shed Pounds

Low in fat and high in fiber, seaweed chips are also a good resource for iodine and iron. They're also safe for vegans and others who avoid gluten.

Seaweed chips

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Popcorn is a fantastic whole-grain snack that is both filling and healthy. Choose air-popped popcorn if you're watching your weight.

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Pickles are a tasty and nutritious snack that won't break the calorie bank. Pickles should ideally be sugar- and preservative-free.


Crunchy, filling, and rich in protein and fiber—that sums up roasted chickpeas. Make your own with the seasonings you like most.

Roasted chickpeas

Carrots and hummus make a filling and nutritious snack because they are both low in calories and rich in fiber and protein. Try making your own hummus or buying one that is minimal in fat and sugar.

Carrots and hummus

Olives are high in fat, but the monounsaturated fats they contain can help you feel full for longer. Try to find olives that don't have any extra salt or other additives.


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Nuts are a high-fat food, but they also contain protein, fiber, and heart-healthy lipids. Pick nuts that are either raw or dry-roasted, but not salted or sweetened.

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Baked sweet potato chips

In place of regular potato chips, try these baked sweet potato chips. You can get more fiber, vitamins, and minerals from baked sweet potato chips while eating less calories.

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Roasted edamame

Crunchy and high in protein, fiber, iron, and folate may be found in roasted edamame. Roasting them with some salt and your preferred seasonings is a great starting point.


Slices of cheese and apples: A tasty and filling munchie that's light on calories but heavy on fiber and protein. The ideal pairing would be a low-fat cheese with a sweet apple.

Cheese and apple slices

Gluten-free and low in calories, rice cakes work well with spreads like nut butter, hummus, and avocado. Select rice cakes devoid of any seasonings or sweeteners.

Rice cakes

Chips made from vegetables are a more nutritious substitute for potato chips. You may create your own by slicing veggies very thinly and baking them in the oven. Try kale, beetroot, or zucchini.

Vegetable chips