The Most Exhausting Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

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Aries is an exhausting zodiac sign, pushing people too far with constantly moving goalposts. Like high-intensity interval training, they crash and lash out.

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Capricorns focus on self-improvement, Virgos have high standards for others due to Mercury ruling communication. They can be critical and intrusive.


Sensitive signs like this seek constant reassurance from others, leading to a needy attitude that can be exhausting and drive people away.


Sagittarius seeks big thrills and world travels, with an insatiable thirst for new experiences. They struggle with contentment and can seem restless to others.


Gemini's social energy can be exhausting. Their energy rush can't last forever, and the crash is inevitable, like someone who drank too much coffee.


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Capricorns' work ethic is exhausting for others, says astrologer Ryan Marquardt. They may exhaust themselves too, missing out on personal time.


"Horoscopes may explain why some people drain us. After a conversation, we feel exhausted due to their constant talking and complaining."