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The Most Heartless Zodiac Sign

Some people don't show much emotion. Astrology might have something to do with how they are. Here are the zodiac signs with the most cold hearts.

Aries are leaders, but can come off as heartless due to their egotistical and impulsive nature. Expect an angry reaction if you cross them.


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Aquarians' detached behaviour comes from the scientific way they look at life, which can make them seem cold to some.

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Capricorns like things to be organised, make sense, and be right. They put results ahead of feelings, which can make them seem cold at times.


When a Sagittarius is upset, their narrow-minded focus on their own path can make them seem heartless and bossy.


Geminis are friendly, but they can seem self-centered and like they live by their own rules.


Scorpios are strong and closed off, and they have a sharp mind. Mars and Pluto rule them, so they can be mean and use silence and sarcasm as weapons.