The Most Melodramatic Zodiac Sign

Libra works for fairness and balance, but can become irrational if those efforts aren't reciprocated. They need harmony to thrive and get emotional if it's lacking.


Libras can be dramatic and exaggerate small problems to get their way. Tara Bennet, an astrologer and spiritual coach, says so.


Multiple Blue Rings


If you're part of Scorpio's inner circle, you'll see their cool façade and the frustration they hide beneath it. They can be set off by even the smallest things.


Aquarius are usually chill, but if provoked they can go off with dramatic flair. They're quirky and nonconformist, so they'll only react if it's something important to them.


Cancer: resistant to change, loves solving problems, agonizes over details. Will stand their ground to make sure things go their way.


Betray a sensitive Water sign and they won't take it lightly. They'll blow small errors into catastrophic disasters and their mood swings will make things worse.


Aries are domineering and passionate, expecting orders to be followed. They can't turn off their need for control and become melodramatic if it helps them get what they want.


Leo is the most melodramatic sign, loving attention and always over the top - but you can't help but love them!


Lions hate coming in second and go to any length to win back your affections if they're not in the spotlight.