Multiple Blue Rings

The Sign with the Most Stress

Multiple Blue Rings

Know someone who is tight and tense? They need to be touched. Help them loosen their jaw and calm down. Give the gift of getting some rest.


Pisces have strong feelings, but they keep them to themselves until they're too much. They want to help others, but they have trouble letting go of their own stress. 


Cancer's strong feelings and desire to help other people can make them tired. They do things to protect themselves and the people they care about


Multiple Blue Rings


Strong personalities and the ability to lead can make Aries feel tense, but exercise helps them get rid of their energy.


Scorpios keep a lot to themselves, have energy that builds up, feel deeply, and find it hard to let their guard down. 


Virgos want to do their best and enjoy being useful. Even when they need a break, they don't stop. Their minds are always busy


Geminis seem friendly, but they are actually very tense. Acting all the time wears them out. Because their minds are always going, they often feel anxious.