The Worst Colors to Wear on a First Date

Color choice on a first date matters as it can evoke emotions and send unintended messages. Avoid wrong colors to make a good impression.

Multiple Blue Rings


Brown can be seen as dull and conservative for a first date, but a camel color with an orange tone is a more flirtatious and acceptable option.

Multiple Blue Rings


Relationship experts warn against wearing too much gray on a first date as it can come across as unapproachable and unenthusiastic.


"Gray is a good accent color but not ideal as a primary color for a first date as it lacks excitement and evokes emotional detachment."

Avoid wearing overly bright colors on a first date as it can appear flashy or distracting, and your date should focus on you, not your clothes.

Bright Colors

Yellow may be bright, but it's the color of friendship and caution, sending the wrong message for love connections, warns dating expert Rikki Dymond.


Multiple Blue Rings

Too Much Black

Black is good for first dates, but all-black can seem morbid or unapproachable. Add a touch of color to appear more approachable, suggests Lawless.


Choose a color for your first date outfit that reflects your personality and makes you feel confident, says Lawless, a fashion expert.