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The Zodiac Sign That Is Most Careful

Our horoscope signs, as well as our upbringing and life experiences, can affect how we show affection and have sex in public.

Anna Kovach says that Aquarians can be slow to open up to a new partner and show affection, but in the bedroom, they are creative and can be quite naughty.


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Leos can be shy in groups because showing affection in public can hurt their image and make them look weak.


Taureans keep their sexual and romantic lives private. They don't do PDA and talk about their feelings behind closed doors.


Venus rules Librans, who like romantic gestures more than raw passion. They prefer class and a heartfelt speech to a wild show


Cancers are emotional, sensitive, and romantic, but in the bedroom, they can be shy. They don't like to share their dreams with others.


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Virgos prioritise modesty, discipline, and intentional dating. They can easily avoid pleasures and crushes, so they don't date casually or have sex.