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The Zodiac Sign with the Most Selfish People

Astrology might be able to help you figure out which zodiac sign is the most arrogant, from a little bit to a lot. But there's nothing wrong with being proud.

Cancerians may seem caring, but most of what they do is for themselves. They want to be noticed and can't handle being turned down.


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Taurus can be arrogant and only care about themselves and their accomplishments. They usually do well in jobs that let them show off their skills.


Capricorns put their own goals first and try to leave a lasting mark on the world. They can sometimes be annoying and rude.


As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries can seem rude and bossy because they want to be on their own and have a big ego.


Scorpios like to be seen and are smart, but they can also be proud. They don't change and usually do whatever they want.


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Astrology says that even though Pisces are known for being kind, they can also have a sense of superiority and think they are better than everyone else.