Things People With High Emotional Intelligence Often Say

Teaching kids emotional identification helps them recognize, accept, and communicate emotions, making conversations more honest and productive.

"I feel...(happy/disappointed/sad)"

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"Please let me know how I did"

Feedback strengthens relationships & increases self-awareness, key elements of EQ. Dr. Jameca Woody Cooper, a counseling psychologist, says it's a hallmark of EQ & a way to give positive reinforcement.

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"I understand how you feel"

Emotionally intelligent people intuitively identify with and validate others, knowing how to support them and help them handle their emotions.


This sentence, according to Dr. Cooper, demonstrates empathy in the same way that "I understand what you feel" does.

"I'd feel the same way in your situation"

Conflict & challenges evoke strong emotions. Manage them through relationship building & collaborative problem-solving.

"Let's work together to find a solution"

People with a high EQ are good at reading emotions, but give space to recognize them independently, gently offering support.

"How do you feel about it?"

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"Thank you/I appreciate you"

"High EI people show gratitude, indicating social awareness & commitment to others' feelings," Dr. Cooper.

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"I'm proud of you"

Emotionally intelligent people show genuine happiness for others, express support & praise, and encourage & believe in their potential.


"High EI means recognizing importance of relationships, admitting mistakes & taking responsibility (e.g. 'I'm sorry I messed up')"

"I'm sorry"

Emotionally intelligent people can manage their emotions in challenging situations, like wisely choosing to withdraw for a while to let things cool and revisit the conversation.

"Let's talk about it later"