Today's Tarot Horoscope For April 22, 2023

You're feeling lost and disconnected, but take time to reflect and embrace solitude as a means of deepening your spiritual practice. The answers you seek are within you.


Multiple Blue Rings


Time to take responsibility and reflect on all you've learned. Think about how you've changed, what you've learned, and where you want to go from here.

Multiple Blue Rings


Focus on your priorities, trust your intuition and stay grounded. Make decisions that align with your spiritual path and lead to true fulfillment.


Tap into your inner fire and unleash your spiritual potential. Trust your instincts and take bold steps to follow your dreams - the universe is supporting you!


Focus on more than material wealth and security. Don't be afraid of loss or change. Let go and loosen your grip to gain what life has to offer.


The Devil reversed indicates a release from unhealthy habits & toxic relationships. You are finding the courage to face fears & overcome challenges.


Multiple Blue Rings


Trust your intuition and cultivate self-awareness to gain clarity and purpose. Develop a spiritual practice to connect with your inner wisdom and gain confidence in yourself.

Multiple Blue Rings


The Page of Swords asks Scorpio to speak their truth and assert opinions, but also be mindful of others. Seek new knowledge and stay open-minded, while maintaining balance and humility for spiritual growth.

Multiple Blue Rings


The Three of Cups reversed suggests a lack of harmony in social relationships. Restore balance and be mindful of how your actions affect others.


Trust the stars. Tap into their energy & inspiration. Open up to the guidance they provide. Believe in hope & renewal.


Commit to spiritual practices & personal growth. Reevaluate priorities. True mastery requires dedication & focus. Stay committed & trust yourself.


Tap into your power of creativity and intuition and use it to express yourself in new ways. Take risks, embrace your inner fire, and trust it will lead to growth and enlightenment.