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Virgo Compatibility by Zodiac Sign

Dating a Virgo? They are picky and independent, but they are loyal and truthful. Get ready for some trouble and drama, but it can be worth it.

Virgo dating

Virgos find a good balance between logic and passion in relationships. They move slowly but are in it for the long haul.

Virgo relationships

Virgos are careful and loyal friends who listen well and give good advice. They always make me laugh and are always there for me.

Virgo friendships

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Virgos are good partners because they are loyal, smart with money, and very organised, which makes them good at relationships.


Virgo strengths in relationships

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Virgos: perfectionistic & critical. Stressed out and think too much. People who are analytical have a hard time unwinding and having fun.


Virgo weaknesses in relationships

Virgos look for practicality and honesty in a relationship. They are slow to make a commitment, but once they do, they are very loyal 

Virgos in love

"Virgos flirt with their minds and wits, love to argue, and may touch or mirror body language. They show interest in a quiet way, but they do listen."

Virgos flirting

The sexual energy of a Virgo wants to be perfect. Picky, but great lovers, committed, passionate, and good at talking. 

Virgo sexual energy

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Virgos talk straight to each other, pay attention to facts and details, and can be critical, but they want clarity. Prefer to talk one-on-one


Virgo communication style

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Virgos need partners who are loyal, smart, and let them take the lead. They get along with many signs, but they have certain needs.


Virgo compatibility