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Ways To Keep A Dog Actually Happy

Expert tips on how to keep a dog healthy and happy. Learn how to take care of your dog and meet all of its needs for a satisfying experience.

They can smell better than people, see better in the dark, hear ultrasound, and hear sounds that are four times quieter than people can.

Dogs have highly developed senses

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Dogs use a range of methods to communicate

Animals can talk to each other through smells, sounds (whines, growls, etc.), and their faces, tails, ears, and limbs.

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Dogs are athletic

"Both greyhounds and racehorses can go as fast as 42 mph, which is the fastest speed ever recorded for greyhounds."


Dogs make friends with both other dogs and people, and they get close to certain people in their lives.

Dogs are highly social

Dogs can learn the names of their toys

Rico, a border collie, learned the names of 200 toys and can reliably bring you the right one when you ask.