A horoscope is a way to look into the future based on how the stars, planets, and zodiac signs are lined up.

Government fiscal plans to boost this month. Consider real estate costs. Windfall mid-month. Be careful with legal choices and spending.

Aries — Fire Sign

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Taurus  — Earth

Short-term investments can yield fast gains this month. Passive money yields rich dividends. Avoid month-end loans/overdrafts.

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Gemini  — Air

This month, investments and real estate that were put on hold will bring in more money, and new investments will bring in more money.


Commissions, royalties, and other forms of passive income can lead to big gains, and real estate can double money. Tax bills and the cost of credit cards can add to financial stress.

Cancer  — Water

Change the little things to get more power and money. You can expect new sources of cash flow to come from real estate deals and investment plans.

Leo — Fire

Invest wisely in government plans and market shares to make money. If you don't want your money to go down the drain, don't deal in real estate or gamble.

Virgo  — Earth

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Libra  — Air

Real estate investments may profit legal and property battles. Avoid shady money-making scams and watch spending to avoid unnecessary purchases in the second half of the month.

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Scorpio  — Water

It's risky to spend. Avoid borrowing. Litigation may succeed. Expenses can deplete savings, so watch buying.

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Sagittarius — Fire

You may get returns from investments you made in the past, but unplanned costs may slow your growth. Think carefully about real estate contracts to avoid running out of money.


Real estate deals and legal cases can yield profits this month. Avoid new investments as second-half sale/resale issues may occur. Your spouse can turn savings into income.

Capricorn  — Earth

This month, investments in real estate will bring in new lines of income. Don't lend or borrow money; you need a good backup fund. At the end of the month, you get money from sources of inactive income.

Aquarius — Air

Foreign trades may settle down in April, but be careful with market shares. Real estate deals could be held up, which would be frustrating.

Pisces  — Water