Where you should travel in 2023, based on your zodiac sign

For your fiery personality, none of that "eat, pray, love" mush. Your idea of a break from regular life should get your adrenaline going and help you channel your inner competitor.


Live, love, and waste time. Find beautiful places where you can slow down and relax. Don't go anywhere that will make you work hard. It's time to rest and relax.


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The motto of your schedule is "pics or it didn't happen," so it shouldn't be a surprise that all roads lead to the most Instagrammable places where your spontaneous personality can really shine.


Cancer loves quiet, cozy places to get away from the busy world near the coast. They aren't usually excited about road trips, but they love quiet houses and sunsets.


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A sign ruled by the Sun that loves to discover new places. When you get back, people will want to know what you did because of your bold spirit.

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Explore a new society. Take a cultural walk or tour of a museum to learn about different ways of life, history, and times in the past.


Explore nature and yourself on a vacation that lets you rest and fills your spirit. Get away from your normal routine and try something new.


Pack your bags and go glamping! Your sign is very interested in earthy places, so make time for a weekend of change and rebirth.


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Travel is therapeutic; make 2021 the year you let out your inner explorer. Discover uncharted territory and cross items off your list of things to do.

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When it comes to your personal time, try not to be too controlling. Experiment with new activities and broaden your perspectives in the new year!


Try not to be too strict when it comes to your own time. Try out new things and learn more about the world in the new year!


Let travel transform you! Let new places make you fall in love and culture make you feel alive. When you go back or think about moving away for good, start over.