Which zodiac sign can keep a Secret?

Scorpios are noted for their fierce loyalty and ability to maintain secrets. They are very adept at detecting falsehoods and deception, so they may be more selective in who they confide in.


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Capricorns are serious and careful, which makes them excellent secret keepers. They are also very private people who are unlikely to reveal information about themselves or others.

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Pisces are noted for their empathy and intuition, which can make them good listeners and confidants. They also tend to keep things to themselves, making them less prone to expose secrets.


Tauruses are reliable and trustworthy secret keepers. Their stubbornness can also help keep information confidential if they believe it should be private.


Virgos are analytical and detail-oriented, which lends themselves well to maintaining secrets. They are also cautious and may be less prone to give information without carefully considering it.


Aquarius is known for their independence and unconventionality, which might make them unpredictable when it comes to secrets. They appreciate loyalty, and are more willing to maintain a secret.


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Cancers are highly emotional and sensitive, making them excellent listeners and confidants. They can, however, be grumpy and may not always be able to maintain a secret if they are overwhelmed.

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Libras are gregarious and social, which makes them less likely to conceal secrets. They appreciate harmony and may be more willing to share a secret if they believe resolve of a dispute.

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Aries are impetuous and may not always consider their actions or words before speaking or doing. This makes people less trustworthy when it comes to preserving secrets.


Leos are outgoing individuals who may not always appreciate privacy or discretion. If they believe it will make them appear good or impress others, they are more likely to share a secret.


agittarians are known for their forthrightness and honesty, which makes them less prone to hold secrets. They may not want to be bothered with keeping another person's secret.


Geminis enjoy chatting and learning new things, but they struggle to maintain secrets, especially if they are intriguing. Curiosity may drive them to reveal the truth.