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Your Pluto in Aquarius Each Zodiac Sign's from March 23, 2023

Aquarius transit transforms aims, ideals, sincerity. Finding oneself impacts communities and relationships.

Aries Area of Focus: Community

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Taurus Area of Focus: Career

Pluto in Aquarius' 10th house changes careers. Make room for what excites you.

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Gemini Area of Focus: Expansion

Pluto in 9th house transforms, challenges beliefs, and wants development.


Pluto in Aquarius activates your 8th house for change, intimacy, finances, and sex. Rebirth for truth and growth.

Cancer Area of Focus: Transformation

Aquarius regulates relationships. Pluto's disruption leads to real discovery and a partner love blueprint.

Leo Area of Focus: Relationships

Well-being routines, self-advocacy, and doing what you love. Pluto in Aquarius promotes wellness.

Virgo Area of Focus: Wellness

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Libra Area of Focus: Pleasure

Pluto's influence on Aquarius 5th house transforms through inner child healing, improving joy, love, and relationships.

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Scorpio Area of Focus: Home

Pluto in your fourth house (Aquarius) brings truth and transformation to home/family/healing problems.

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Sagittarius Area of Focus:Communication

Pluto in Aquarius inspires truth-seeking communication and identity. Be yourself to leave a legacy.


Pluto in Aquarius empowers you financially. Second house values and unorthodox methods.

Capricorn Area of Focus: Value

Pluto in Aquarius unveils your true personality. Authenticity and self-rule.

Aquarius Area of Focus: Self

Pluto in Aquarius helps you reflect on previous wounds, karma, and endings. Restore your soul.

Pisces Area of Focus: Intuition

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