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Zodiac Sign Prone to Standing You Up

Astrological signs can affect how people handle things like first-date nerves or ditching plans. Some people face these things head-on, while others find it easy to get out of them.

Aquarians are independent and don't like to make promises. They tend to pull away quickly, and they might leave relationships without saying why.


Multiple Blue Rings


Cancers have trouble setting limits and are easily influenced by other people because the Moon rules them.

Multiple Blue Rings


Sagittarius loves to try new things and go on adventures, but this can make them forgetful and quick to act, which can cause them to let people down


Taureans value dependability, but they care more about comfort. Since Venus rules them, they can be stubborn and put their own wants ahead


Leos are fire signs like Sagittarius. They put themselves first and can be dramatic and rude. They don't do one thing consistently.


Geminis are curious, adaptable, and have trouble making decisions. Mercury rules them, so they care more about what they want than what other people want.