Zodiac signs as Animals. Which one are you?

They are known for their speed, agility, and vitality just like Aries.  Both are competitive and have a strong drive to win.

Aries - The cheetah 

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Taurus - The buffalo

Both are well-known for their tenacity and determination. The buffalo is also associated with wealth, which corresponds to Taurus' love of luxury and comfort.

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Gemini - The Fox

Foxes are intelligent, flexible, and communicative, all of which are characteristics linked with Gemini. Foxes are also recognized for their duality, which corresponds to Gemini's dual nature.


Cancer, like the crab, is noted for being sensitive and protective. Both have a tough exterior that conceals a sensitive interior, and both can be melancholy at times.

Cancer - The crab

Both are self-assured, daring, and captivating. The lion is also linked to monarchy, which corresponds to Leo's craving for attention and praise.

Leo - The Lion

Ants, like Virgo, are noted for their diligence and attention to detail. They also have a strong sense of duty and responsibility, which is compatible with Virgo's perfectionist tendencies.

Virgo - The ants

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Libra - The swan

Swans are graceful, elegant, and lovely, just like Libra  They are also connected with harmony and balance, which corresponds to Libra's yearning for peace and justice.

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Scorpio - The scorpion

Both are enigmatic, intense, and passionate. Scorpio's power to rise from the ashes is also related with the scorpion, which is associated with metamorphosis and rebirth.

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Sagittarius - The horse

Horses, like Sagittarius, are known for their free-spirited and adventurous disposition. They also have a great desire for adventure and new experiences, just like Sagittarius' love of travel.


Mountain goats, like Capricorn, are known for their endurance, ambition, and ability to attain incredible heights. Goat are Dutiful, leaders, and success-driven like Capricorn.

Capricorn - The mountain goat

Dolphins, like Aquarius, are noted for their brilliance, inventiveness, and gregarious nature. They also have a strong sense of belonging and connection, just like Aquarius.

Aquarius - The dolphin

Fish, like Pisces, are recognised for their sensitivity, intuition, and dreamy disposition. They also have a deep connection to the spiritual realm, which corresponds to Pisces' mystical temperament.

Pisces - The fish