Zodiac Signs Known Best for Their Faithfulness

While loyalty is difficult to define and quantify, astrology may provide some helpful insights into which signs are more trustworthy and loyal.

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"Taurus: reliable, committed & loyal. Takes promises seriously in relationships, work, friends & family. Will go out of their way to help."

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Loyal and nurturing Cancerians take relationships seriously. They are emotional and protective of their circle, going the extra mile to make them happy.


Scorpios are passionate, emotional, and fiercely loyal. They value intimate relationships and protect those close to them with everything they have.


Capricorns are disciplined, ambitious and committed. They take promises seriously, work hard in relationships, and overcome obstacles.


Virgos are loyal, organized & hardworking. They take relationships seriously & make great partners, friends & colleagues.


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Dreamy Pisces are fiercely loyal, protective, and compassionate towards their relationships. They make sacrifices and remain devoted to loved ones.


Loyalty is vital for relationships to thrive. It creates a strong bond and trust, knowing that someone will always have your back.