Zodiac signs ranked from Most to Least Fashionable

Libras are known for their love of beauty and harmony, and they have a keen sense of fashion and aesthetics. They frequently have a refined sense of taste and value luxury and elegance.


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Leos love attention & it reflects in their bold fashion choices. Their bright & dramatic style shows they aren't afraid to experiment with clothing.

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They value comfort and quality, which causes them to invest in timeless and traditional goods that will never go out of style. They convey confidence and refinement with understated elegance.


Pisces have a romantic and dreamy sense of style, with a preference for flowing materials and ethereal designs. They often have a unique style & express through their clothes.


Scorpios have a mysterious and intriguing nature that often manifests itself in their dress style. They prefer darker colours and rougher styles, which makes them stick out in a crowd.


Virgos enjoy attire that is modest, functional, and discreet, with attention to detail creating a polished appearance. They may not be stylish, but they are always well-dressed.


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Aries' style is vibrant and energetic, with a preference for bright colours and statement pieces. They approach fashion with abandon and are not hesitant to experiment with new trends.

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Sagittarians have a laid-back and informal style, preferring comfortable and functional attire. Not the most fashionable, but their unique style reflects an adventurous & free-spirited personality.

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Geminis have a fluid and eclectic style, combining many components to create one-of-a-kind outfits. They appreciate experimenting with new trends and have a fun approach to fashion.


Aquarians have an eccentric style, preferring unique fabrics and designs. They have a rebellious streak, making them stand out in fashion.


Cancers have a basic and conservative style, frequently wearing comfy and conventional attire. While they are not the most trendy sign, they convey a timeless elegance that exudes warmth and charm.


Capricorns choose practical & functional clothing that reflects their diligent temperament. They aren't trendy, but convey sophistication & professionalism through their timeless style.