Zodiac signs ranked from Most to Least Forgiving

Pisces are sensitive and empathetic, they easily forgive people, even if they have been profoundly injured. They are understanding and can see things from other people's points of view.


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Libras are diplomatic and strive for balance in their relationships. They can see both sides of an issue, which allows them to be more forgiving.

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Scorpios are fiery and passionate, yet they are also devoted and committed. They may take longer to forgive, but once they do, they are devoted.


Cancers are emotional and sensitive, making them more ready to forgive others. They respect emotional connections and may prefer to keep a relationship over nursing a grudge.


Sagittarians are optimistic and adventurous, and they may be more forgiving since they trust in the power of optimism and progress.


Aries are self-assured and forceful, yet they may also be impetuous and easily angered. They may have difficulty forgiving, but they can learn to let go of grudges.


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Geminis are adaptive and versatile, yet they are also unpredictable. They may forgive fast, but if they feel betrayed, they may retain a grudge.

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Tauruses are tenacious and practical, which makes them less likely to forgive if their trust is violated.

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Virgos are analytical and detail-oriented people, yet they can also be critical and judgmental. If they believe someone has made a severe error, they may struggle with forgiving.


Leos are self-assured and arrogant, yet they can also be egocentric and self-centered. If their pride has been hurt, they may struggle with forgiving.


Capricorns are ambitious and disciplined, but they can also be obstinate and unforgiving. They may harbor resentment if they believe someone has hampered their success or broken their confidence.


Aquarians are unconventional and independent, yet they may also be disconnected and aloof. If they believe someone has broken their own limits or ideals, they may struggle with forgiveness.