Zodiac Signs ranked from Most to Least Talkative

Geminis are known for their communication abilities and are frequently social butterflies. They enjoy connecting with others and may have lengthy talks.


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Leos are confident and outgoing individuals who enjoy being the centre of attention. They are natural entertainers who adore expressing themselves verbally.

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They are adventurous and inquisitive, and they enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. They have a gift for storytelling and their lively delivery can captivate an audience.


Librans are noted for their charm, diplomacy, and their ability to communicate effectively. They have a strong ability to convey their thoughts and feelings in a clear and simple manner.


Aries are active and passionate people who enjoy sharing their views and beliefs. They are not hesitant to express themselves and can be rather chatty when they love the topic.


Aquarians are self-sufficient and unconventional  They like discussing ideas and theories with others, and when engaged in a compelling conversation, they can be rather vocal.


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Taureans are sensible, and their communication style is more subdued. While they are not normally vocal, when they are passionate about something, they may be rather outspoken.

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Virgos are analytical and detail-oriented people who consider before they speak. They can be highly expressive and precise in their communication.

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They are solitary people who like to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. They can be quite talkative with those they trust, but they are not noted for their chattiness.


Capricorns are sensible and attentive people who are more reticent in social circumstances. They are articulate and insightful in their communication.


Pisceans are sensitive and intuitive people who want to express themselves via arts and music. They can be fairly communicative when it comes to their emotions.


Cancers are nurturing and emotional, and their communication style is more introverted. They may be talkative with those they trust, but they are not the most gregarious.