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Zodiac Sign Reveals Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best



Women born with the sign of Cancer are known for their extreme sensitivity. She displays an extraordinarily tender interior to the world.

There is no ambiguity about how she feels; she expresses herself openly and plainly.

When she’s committed, she gives it her all. If she cares about someone, she will do her best for them. She will spare no effort in demonstrating her affection for them.

The problem is that in her enthusiasm for her beloved, she may forget about herself.

Consequently, she loses independence and develops unhealthy dependence on the other person.

She is so afraid of being alone that she smothers the person she is with in excessive displays of affection or, in extreme cases, jealousy.

Depending on her level of emotional maturity and self-control, a Cancer woman can be either the best or worst girlfriend imaginable.

For Boyfriend: Zodiac-Based Boyfriend Ranking: From Best to Worst



She is radiant with self-assurance. She believes that in order for a relationship to work, both people must have strong personalities.

She prefers not to have things handed to her, but she enjoys the thrill of the chase and doesn’t mind being pursued.

The problem is that she keeps picking the wrong guys.

She gives preference to players who exude an air of assured charisma. She’ll have confidence in her ability to win or alter the rules of the game to suit her style. However, we all know that never works.

Not only do Leo women make great girlfriends in general, but they also have a knack for making rash choices. They typically target men who would rather date on the sly than be seriously committed.

For Boyfriend: Zodiac-Based Boyfriend Ranking: From Best to Worst



The Aquarius woman is a bundle of spontaneity, brains, and freedom. She’s independent and prefers a romantic partnership that leaves her feeling unrestricted.

She needs a companion who can keep the pace up a little bit because she hates being bored. She must find someone who can match her wits and intelligence if she is to be happy in a romantic partnership.

She is an extreme overthinker, which makes her aware of aspects of herself and others that most people would overlook.

Because of this, her significant other will feel like they are falling short of her standards, while she will struggle to meet her own. Every day, she’ll wake up with the conviction that she can improve her performance and outcomes.

Until she realises that she is more than enough and that she must work to restore her confidence, she needs a partner who will stand by her and boost her confidence a bit.

For Boyfriend: Zodiac-Based Boyfriend Ranking: From Best to Worst



A Gemini female can present as either vivacious and social or secretive and reserved.

She prefers to be with a man who appreciates both her light and her shadow, but she won’t stay with anyone who doesn’t.

She is the most tolerant girlfriend imaginable because of this. She is always supportive and understanding, never passing judgement or looking down on her partner.

She will never forgive anyone who betrays her trust because loyalty is her highest value.

For Boyfriend: Zodiac-Based Boyfriend Ranking: From Best to Worst

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